Monday, February 15, 2010


Do you want to have regular music lessons, but do not know how, where, when, why?
Check this out...Classics for Kids A FREE {love free!} classical music site complete with 'composer of the month', music, activity sheets, lesson plans {to teach music concepts}, & LOTS more! Super fun, educational, & FREE! Yippppeee!

This month's composer is Gioachino Rossini. This week we listened to the William Tell Overture and completed the activity sheets,which introduce Rossini and includes the story of William Tell. There is also a fun color sheet that teaches musical dynamics. EnJOY!

Learn the States Postcard Swap!

I'm SO excited!! We are a part of a postcard swap! Our Adventures in Education started a “Learn the States” Postcard Swap and we are pleased to represent the great state of Oklahoma {Arkansas was taken, so we chose our neighbor}. We drive through OK on our way to TX, so it will be easy to get our postcards. Each family represents one of the 50 states and we will receive a new postcard each week for 50 weeks!

My plan is to put up a large map of the United States, and
ct each postcard that we receive to it’s corresponding state with a piece of yarn {see picture on the left, courtesy of}. Also, we will color-in each state on our Sonlight markable map. This will be a great way to learn the location of each state.

I have always wanted to participate in a postcard swap...what a fun way to learn the states! Everyone loves to get mail. :) I'll post each time we get a new postcard.