Thursday, September 30, 2010

We've Got the Whole our tummies!

What's the best way to learn? Make it fun! The first 2 weeks of Exploring Countries & Cultures {MFW}, is basically an overview/introduction to the world and all we will be studying this year. Today we had some fun and made a 'world cake' to celebrate all we have learned so far...a yummy way to review! I love to cook with the many good lessons!

Like how to carefully crack an egg...

Take turns...

Encourage one another...

Be patient...

And balance...

First,we made a large sheet cake.

Put blue frosting on it.

Cut out our continents [made with marshmallow fondant],

and placed them on the cake. Here's Chloe, putting Antarctica in place.

The finished product! Not perfect, but not too bad!

Good enough to EAT & share with our neighborhood friends!

Who all said, "Is this what y'all get to do every day?"

No, but we do like to have fun!
We all learn best when the lessons are interesting! Here are some more pics from our first few weeks of school. The weather has been so nice, so we like to play in the Tee Pee.

Map work...


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's FALL, Y'all!

Last week we decided to celebrate the new season with a party! Two other homeschool families joined [15 kids total!] and we had a great, fun celebration! Here's the proof...

EnJOY the season!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Year, New Schedule!

Here it is September 26th, and I am just now getting my 2010-2011 schedule posted! Where did September go?? Although I'm a little behind, it feels like we are off to a great year! I really think it all has to do with my curriculum choice this year. We are doing My Father's World ~Exploring Cultures & Countries and after completing the first 2 weeks, it's easy to see that this is a rich, wonderful study of the world...we will love it! MFW ties everything [history, science, art, music, etc...] to the Bible! It's awesome. My goal is to blog [journal] our ECC adventures weekly, so I will begin with a Week 1&2 'wrap-up' and then jump into Week 3. I'll post this soon, but first I want to get my new schedule up.
MFW is very Charlotte Mason friendly [another reason why I love it], so the time slots are short and the over-all schedule is extremely flexible! We have archery on Tuesday mornings and ballet on Wednesday mornings, so this is mainly followed on M, Th, & F w/ time adjustments on T & major adjustments on W [Wednesday is our 'elective day' ballet, piano, art, etc...].

Fall Schedule ~ 2010

7:30~Breakfast & morning devotion
8:00~ Morning Routines [kids: brush teeth, tidy room, get dressed]
8:30~Bible & Catechism
8:45~Morning Read-a-loud
9:00~Language Arts [Spelling, dictation, & writing]
10:00~Snack! & Music {listen, appreciate}
10:15~ Carolyn & Chloe school time; big kids work on independent work
10:45~Book Basket [MFW read-a-loud]
11:00~Geography [MFW curriculum]
12:00~Lunch & tidy
12:45~D.E.A.R. time {Drop Everything And Read!}
1:00~Latin {T,Th}
1:30~Free time!

Afternoons are for playing, exploring, & creating...after all, LIFE is SCHOOL!

George Washington Carver said, " The thoughtful educator realizes that a very large part of the child's education must be gotten outside of the four walls designated as classroom."

Have a JOYful fall, y'all!