Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Year, New Schedule!

Here it is September 26th, and I am just now getting my 2010-2011 schedule posted! Where did September go?? Although I'm a little behind, it feels like we are off to a great year! I really think it all has to do with my curriculum choice this year. We are doing My Father's World ~Exploring Cultures & Countries and after completing the first 2 weeks, it's easy to see that this is a rich, wonderful study of the world...we will love it! MFW ties everything [history, science, art, music, etc...] to the Bible! It's awesome. My goal is to blog [journal] our ECC adventures weekly, so I will begin with a Week 1&2 'wrap-up' and then jump into Week 3. I'll post this soon, but first I want to get my new schedule up.
MFW is very Charlotte Mason friendly [another reason why I love it], so the time slots are short and the over-all schedule is extremely flexible! We have archery on Tuesday mornings and ballet on Wednesday mornings, so this is mainly followed on M, Th, & F w/ time adjustments on T & major adjustments on W [Wednesday is our 'elective day' ballet, piano, art, etc...].

Fall Schedule ~ 2010

7:30~Breakfast & morning devotion
8:00~ Morning Routines [kids: brush teeth, tidy room, get dressed]
8:30~Bible & Catechism
8:45~Morning Read-a-loud
9:00~Language Arts [Spelling, dictation, & writing]
10:00~Snack! & Music {listen, appreciate}
10:15~ Carolyn & Chloe school time; big kids work on independent work
10:45~Book Basket [MFW read-a-loud]
11:00~Geography [MFW curriculum]
12:00~Lunch & tidy
12:45~D.E.A.R. time {Drop Everything And Read!}
1:00~Latin {T,Th}
1:30~Free time!

Afternoons are for playing, exploring, & creating...after all, LIFE is SCHOOL!

George Washington Carver said, " The thoughtful educator realizes that a very large part of the child's education must be gotten outside of the four walls designated as classroom."

Have a JOYful fall, y'all!


  1. Love it!
    We also love MFW, and try to follow a Charlotte Mason approach. I want my children to learn for the sake of learning, not because they need to "get through school," or get a certain grade.
    LOVE your D.E.A.R. time!! Oh, my. I'll have to implement that!

  2. ...for the sake of learning ~amen!! :) I used to teach 1st grade and we had 'D.E.A.R.' time each day [most kids just looked at books, but it was fun], so I implemented it in our homeschool.