Thursday, September 30, 2010

We've Got the Whole our tummies!

What's the best way to learn? Make it fun! The first 2 weeks of Exploring Countries & Cultures {MFW}, is basically an overview/introduction to the world and all we will be studying this year. Today we had some fun and made a 'world cake' to celebrate all we have learned so far...a yummy way to review! I love to cook with the many good lessons!

Like how to carefully crack an egg...

Take turns...

Encourage one another...

Be patient...

And balance...

First,we made a large sheet cake.

Put blue frosting on it.

Cut out our continents [made with marshmallow fondant],

and placed them on the cake. Here's Chloe, putting Antarctica in place.

The finished product! Not perfect, but not too bad!

Good enough to EAT & share with our neighborhood friends!

Who all said, "Is this what y'all get to do every day?"

No, but we do like to have fun!
We all learn best when the lessons are interesting! Here are some more pics from our first few weeks of school. The weather has been so nice, so we like to play in the Tee Pee.

Map work...


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