Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Postcard Swap is going well!

It is going a little slower than planned, but it is going well! I'm using the Olde World Style US Maps {from HS in the Woods} to use in our States Notebook. We read/view the postcard, 'study' the state (using the maps & fact sheets), place the worksheets in our States Notebook {a notebook where we collect the info. about each state}, and then hang the postcard on the wall. Here is a pic of the States Notebook:

This is a FUN, easy way to learn about each state. The kids enJOY getting a new postcard in the mail each week. I purchased The Little Man In the Map (we love this book) and it is helping us learn the states by shape alone!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sketch Tuesday!

This was our first time to participate in Sketch Tuesday and the kids enJOYed it a lot! The assignment was to sketch items found in a first aid kit. Here's what they created:

Cason, age 8

Katelyn, age 11

Carrie, age 5

I'm trying to incorporate more ART into our days. I recently had the opportunity to review an ARTistic Pursuits book {which I love!} and it sparked a quest to motivate my kiddos to be more artsy. We are going to start using our Nature Journal more and instead of me always printing off a sheet to color, I want them to draw the things we see in nature. To help them with sketching I thought the Sketch Tuesday assignments would encourage them to sketch more often. I also found a *super* deal on a beginning drawing program by Barry Stebbing. Barry Stebbing is an artist and owner of How Great Thou Art [Christian art curriculum for home schoolers].

I will give a review of this program once I get it and start using it. For $ is worth a try! I hope the AFA site keeps it on their site.

Have an ART~filled day! Isn't the weather beautiful!? I LOVE spring!